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Boeing 727 As A Dream Home?

Boeing 727 As A Dream Home?

Boeing 727 As A Dream Home?

What a creative idea! Designer Joanne Ussary bought a used Boeing 727 for $ 2,000. The transport cost you $ 4,000. For about 24,000 $ read it to renovate and set up.
A total investment of $ 30,000. Not bad, right?

An original “dream house” really leaves some in the shade … The stairs open with a garage door remote control, a wooden terrace, smart living room, bedroom and guest room in wood style, cool bathrooms, as well as cockpit with fantastic views leave nothing to be desired …
This Boeing house is as part of a collection of creative transformations by Mrs. Joanne Ussary.
But it looks spectacular, right?
Below you can see another “Aircraft Houses” …

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