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Cliff Diving – RedBull Gives Wings!

Cliff Diving – RedBull Gives Wings!

Cliff Diving – RedBull Gives Wings!

Who does not know this slogan? “RedBull gives wings!” – I think, everyone! From advertising – radio, TV, videos, magazines, posters, etc.
With this RedBull slogan, the Cliffdivers have inspired themselves and organize various Cliffdiving events together with RedBull Company.
Whether on the sea, in a lagoon or directly in the city, jumping from the heights into the water and doing the amazing figures to impress the audience.
This Cliff Diving sport is not one of the simple and harmless sports. To do this sport, you need a lot of training and of course also a large portion of courage. Some unreasonable cliffdivers have unfortunately already paid with their own lives.
And here are some amazing photos.
Title source pic: fotocommunity.de, xtremesport4u.com, puls4.com

Pic source: murraymitchel.com

Pic source: inspiriomag.com

Pic source: flickr.com

Pic source: odditycentral.com

Pic source: thefancy.com

Pic source: thefancy.com

Pic source: whatmidlifecrisis.co.uk

Pic source: telegrahp.co.uk

Bonus picture: Redbull Sky Diving!

Pic source: welt.de

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