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Crazy Hotel Architecture

Crazy Hotel Architecture

Crazy Hotel Architecture

In many countries tourism plays a very important role and in some countries tourism is the only source of income. That’s why it is not surprising that some architects can imagine the craziest ideas.
In Japan so-called “Capsule Hotel” is very trendy – a small box just for sleeping – saves space and money.
In the poorer countries they use wood, trees and stone walls as a building material, and in the north even the snow. Since Igloo hotels you have to build from fresh snow, are mostly only for one season and next year must be rebuilt.
The islands paradise such as Maldives, Bahamas, Fiji etc. are now building even underwater hotels.
On the last photo you can see Hotel Druzba – Krym / Yalta on the Black Sea.
This architecturally exceptional hotel was built in the early 80’s, and I had the pleasure of spending three weeks there in the summer of 1986. Unusual about this hotel is that the restaurant and main entrance (as a ground floor) are located in the top floors where access is from main street. The rooms are pulled downwards. In the columns there are lifts and stairs leading directly to the beach and the Black Sea.

Title pic source: – Capsule Hotel – Tokyo/Japan

Pic source: – Capsule Hotel – Tokyo/Japan

Pic source: – Hang Nga / Vietnam

Pic source: – Capsule Hotel – Netherlands

Pic source: – Hotel Marqués De Riscal – Elciego / Spain

Pic source: – Magic Mountain Hotel / Chile

Pic source: – Sen Monorom / Cambodia

Pic source: – Hobbit Motel Waitom / New Zaeland

Pic source: – Bratislava / Slowakei

Pic source: – The Venetian – Las Vegas / USA

Pic source: – Hotel Luxor – Las Vegas / USA

Pic source: – Igloo Hotel – Alta / Norway

Pic source: – Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi / Sweden

Pic source: – City Hotel – Zaandam / Niederlande

Pic source: – Cave Hotel / Türkei

Pic source: – Gamirasu Cave Hotel / Türkei

Pic source: – Underwater Suite Poseidon – Fiji

Pic source: – Hotel Druzba – Yalta / Ukraine

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