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Cross Architecture

Architecture Cross

Cross Architecture

Even in the early days of humanity, the cross was a cult object, as is known from archaeological discoveries. The use of the cross dates back to the Stone Age; in European cult caves, crosses often represent the oldest rock carvings. One generally assumes a religious world formula in the representation of four interconnected, opposing cardinal points.
The cross, which is customary today, can be proved as a symbol from the 4th century onwards, and has arisen with the worship of the cross of Christ.
I have found in Net a few very nice crosses:

Title pic source: / Cross in Effingham – Illinois

Pic source: / Cross in Madrid Valley – Spain

Pic source: : / Cross in San Salvador – Mallorca

Pic source: / Cross in Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Pic source: / Cross in Dobra Voda – Czech Republic

Pic source: / Granite Cross in Africa

Pic source: / Cross in Hohen Göll – Austria

Pic source: / Cross in Cederberg in Western Cape

Pic source: / Brunnkogel Cross

Pic source: / Cross by Sunset

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