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Funny Foodart – 2

Funny Foodart – 2

Funny Foodart – 2

It is winter, cold outside and snow …
All living organisms naturally look for vitamins, especially in fruits and vegetables. Not only children but also adults can eat it in a funny or playful way.
A little imagination è voilà! – is fun and delicious …

Title pic source: jokeroo.com / Vegetable horse

Pic source: veselata.net / Melon turtles

Pic source: juliaeinaudi.com / Melon shark fish

Pic source: taringa.net / Vegetable bicycles

Pic source: mehagovegano.blogspot.ch / Brocoli dogs

Pic source: ignant.de / Pepper motorcycle

Pic source: uhupardo.wordpress.com / Vegetables Owl

Pic source: freeipadhdwallpaper.com / Fruit cocktail

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