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Funny Foodart

Funny Foodart

Funny Foodart

When I was a little boy, my parents always told me:
“You should not play with food!” …
But look at these pictures. Are not these “gadgets” simply wonderful?
Man certainly needs a lot of time and with some good nerves to have something to do …

Title pic source: cruisetricks.de / Melonehead – meloneface

Pic source: unstage.com / Vegetables head – vegetableface

Pic source: molempire.com / Appleworld

Pic source: fotocommunity.de / Meloneflowers

Pic source: themescompany.com / Shoemac

Pic source: culinary-food-art.de / Meloneflower

Pic source: odditycentral.com / Fleshcar

Pic source: odditycentral.com / Sandwich

Pic source: womansday.com / Flower from boxes

Pic source: neatorama.com / Baconbeer

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