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Gigantic Bridges!

Gigantic Bridges!

Gigantic Bridges!

An old proverb says: “The bridges connect the worlds …”
And indeed it is.
For example, Bosporus Bridge in Turkey connects Europe and Asia, Pearl River Necklace Bridge connects Hong Kong with China and especially thing is: the traffic is changing from left to right.
The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is over 25 kilometers long, connecting Huang Dao with Quigdao Island and Qingdao. Interesting to this bridge is that approximately in the middle there is a crossroads – see details – which connects these 3 places.
The French Millau bridge, at 2460 m, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world and has a maximum column height of 343 m!

Title pic source: / The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge – China

Pic source: / Bosporus Bridge Istanbul – Turkey

Pic source: / Sunshine Skyway Bridge Florida – USA

Pic source: / Millau Viadukt – France

Pic source: / The Royal George Bridge Colorado – USA

Pic source: / Coronado Bridge San Diego – USA

Pic source: / Nanpu Bridge Shanghai – China

Pic source: / Pearl River Necklace Bridge – Hong Kong-China

Pic source: / Donghai Bridge – China

Pic source: / St. Anthony Falls Bridge Minneapolis – USA

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