88 Acoustic Drums Kit

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Inside AND 88 Acoustic Drums Kit you will find the full range of Standard Drums and Percussion instruments – Bass & Snare Drums, Hand-Claps, Tom-Toms, Cymbals, Metal & Wood Percussions and some drums effects. This Acoustic Drums SoundKit makes a very serious impression and can be considered as the basis for any home or professional recording studio.

Product Description

AudioNetDesign – 88 Acoustic Drums Kit

What You Get?

With AND 88 Acoustic Drums Kit Collection you get a High Quality complete Acoustic Drums Kit with 88 sampling sounds. All samples was created/sampled Stereo with Bitrate 4608 kBit/s, saved as *.wav and added exclusive inside “” file. You can sort all sound in your browser by “Name” and/or “Genre”.

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