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Sand & Creativity

Sand & Creativity

Sand & Creativity

Creativity is in demand … It is said that the artists, whether amateur or professional, “tick” not right …
Hmm, may be! But when the work is finished, the “normal” people admire it.
Sometimes I have such days … When I was on vacation, I also built sandpyramids directly on the sea – Photo Egypt.
In the beginning, people laughed over me, but over time more and more came and even wanted to photograph themselves with the pyramids.
So, and then I wondered, “Who actually has the tick” here?”

Title pic source: blog.com

Pic source: aiderlesanimaux.com

Pic source: blog.hostelbookers.com

Pic source: travel.smart-guide.net

Pic source: urlesque.com

Pic source: designincstudios.com

Pic source: spiegel.de

Pic source: egypt-tourismus.com / Pyramids in Sharm el Sheikh

Pic source: fishki.net

Pic source: plus.google.com

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