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The 10 Most Beautiful Clocks And Sundials

The 10 Most Beautiful Clocks And Sundials

The 10 Most Beautiful Clocks And Sundials

Even as a small child, watches and clocks fascinated me. Hand watches could be seen at every step.
On the other hand, wall clocks, pocket watches, sundials or towerclocks are special.
I remember when I first stood as a child with parents in Prague before the Orloj (Staromestky Orloj) and could not separate my eyes from these works of art. Simply the atmosphere of the Middle Ages is fascinating. And similar feelings I feel every time also in Bern before the “Zytglocke” …
This is the reason why I have looked at the world’s most beautiful, largest and most famous towerclocks and sundials worldwide.

Title pic source: ceska-republika.tripzone.cz / Prague – Staromestky Orloj

Pic source: webfounds.com / London – Big Ben Towerclock

Pic source: skyscrapercity.com / Mekkah Towerclock

Pic source: toptravellists.net / Modern Dubai Clock Tower

Pic source: webfounds.com / Bern – Zytglocke

Pic source: grattanmaslin.blogspot.com / Moscow – Kremlin Towerclock

Pic source: de.wikipedia.org / Cape Town – City Towerclock

Pic source: barnettstoitaly.blogspot.com / Venice – San Marco Towerclock

Pic source: france-for-visitors.com / Paris – Musée Orsay Gare Clock

Pic source: celebratealways.com / Paris – Musée Orsay Gare

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