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The Traffic Jams On Our Streets Or Streets Horror?

The Traffic Jams On Our Streets Or Streets Horror?

The Traffic Jams On Our Streets Or Streets Horror?

Have you already been stuck in the traffic jam?
I think – almost every driver, right?
That Europe is small and overcrowded with automobiles is nothing new – in all european big cities jamming daily. Well, here in Switzerland (Little, little Switzerland!) the situation is no better…
But what should the drivers to say in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, L.A., Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo and many other large metropolises with millions of cars?!?
Where was created this picture (s. above), I can unfortunately not find, since I found this photo on several websites and everyone writes something else – China, L.A., Mexico …
One thing is clear – it’s not normal…

Here are a few frightening metropolitan examples:
1. SAO PAULO in June 2009: 293 kilometers of traffic jam! This is exactly one way from Vienna to Prague! Not to believe – but true!

– 42% of drivers are in traffic more than three hours a day!
– 35% of the Moscow car drivers do not even go to the office once a month, they turn back to home!
– Moscow belongs to one of the 20 worst traffic cities worldwide!

3. PEKING China – the land of bicycles?
Far away from it, traffic jams are almost everywhere around the clock in Beijing!

4. MEXICO CITY The Mexican capital is daily clogged with:
– 4 million cars
– Tens of thousands of trucks
– 108,000 taxis
– 28,000 buses

5. But traffic jam is old like humans resp. Animals … 😉

How do you experience daily traffic jams?
Or just write how you could improve it all, where do you see the future and share it with others.

What do you think?

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