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Toys MERKUR – Original Czech Product

Toys MERKUR – Original Czech Product

Toys MERKUR – Original Czech Product

Everyone who hears the name of “Merkur” probably first thinks of the planet in our solar system.
It is also the name of a Czech toy manufacturer. These pictures remind me of my childhood.

Yes, I also played “Merkur” with these toys. At that time, we did not have any computer games, as well as gameboys, Nintendo, Playstations, Wii, simply consoles or any other electronic games. And LEGO was also at the beginning and very expensive. We always played “Indians” in the summer and toys were either made by ourselves or something like this Merkur toy with the right screwdriver together. You could really screw around and create various horny things according to your own fantasy … For a boy a must!
The girls have always played with the dolls … and still play …
The hottest but what I ever had with my brother was “Matchbox” cars and “TT model railroad”. We have built on a large wooden board (about 3 × 2 meters) fixed rails with bridges, tunnels and landscape.
Unfortunately, I did not keep a photo … It was really great times!
Here are some photos of “Merkur” toys:

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