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Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham & His Puppets

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham & His Puppets

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham & His Puppets

The US American ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has turned 50 this year in April. His talent as a ventriloquist, he could put to trial in his first solo appearance in the television show “Comedy Central Presents” on 18 July 2003. But his success came only in 2006 – a one-hour special “Jeff Dunham: Arguing with myself in Santa Ana”, where he reached a million-plus audience. In March 2009, Jeff Dunham signed an extensive contract with Comedy Central, a television series called “The Jeff Dunham Show,” which was the most-watched premier show in Comedy Central’s history.

His puppets:
All puppets are self handmade by Jeff Dunham.
Walter – is an old Vietnam war veteran, married (can not stand his wife) and often answers questions from the audience.
Peanut – is a “Woozle” – a fictitious figure consists of his head and a found shoe.
José Jalapeño is a talking jalapeño pepper on a stick, that comes from Mexico. However, he himself claims that he comes from Florida and has cuban ancestors.
Achmed, the dead terrorist – is a suicide bomber from Skelet. He killed himself in the phone at a gas station, because he had set the timer wrong, Achmed is a joke figure for himself. And if you laugh about him, he always threatens with the sentence: “Silence! I kill you!”
Melvin, the superhero – his super power is the X-ray vision. He loves women breasts, but unfortunately he can not see through silicone …
Bubba J. – loves beer and Nascar and claimed to have been kidnapped by alien…
Sweet Daddy D. – is a successful African-American and the manager of Jeff Dunham himself. Sweet Daddy J. calls Jeff Dunham as his whore …

And here Jeff Dunham & Funny Achmed – The Dead Terrorist. Every time I see this video I have to laugh so that I almost cry …
It’s really fucking funny! …

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