Who Was Madame Tussaud?

Who Was Madame Tussaud?

Who Was Madame Tussaud?

The legendary Marie Tussaud, founder of the world-famous wax figure cabinet, was 250 years old in December.
From the daughter of a housekeeper to the royal accompaniment, a masterly figure-maker and a successful businesswoman – the life of Madame Marie Tussaud has all the ingredients that a best-selling novel needs.
Marie survived the French Revolution and escaped from the Guillotine by creating masks of death from former noble friends and employers so that her life provides enough tension and tragedy for a Hollywood blockbuster. The life of Madame Tussaud was unquestionably no less exciting than the many celebrities exhibited in the illustrious 200-year history of the world famous attraction.
Meanwhile, there are 13 Madame Tussaud wax figurines worldwide in: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Blackpool, Vienna, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, DC, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
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Biography Madame Tussaud:
1761: Madame Tussaud is born as Marie Grosholtz in Strassbourg
1777: Marie models the famous author and philosopher Francois Voltaire
1780: She is the art teacher of the sister of Louis XVI. And begins to live at the royal court in Versailles
1789: Marie returns to Paris
1793: She is imprisoned with her mother in the notorious Laforce prison. After her release, she has to prove her loyalty by making imprints of the heads of her hands, Also those of their former employers: the King and the Queen
1794: The French Revolution ends and Marie get the wax figure exhibition of Dr. Philippe Curtius
1795: Marie marries Francois Tussaud
1802: Madame Tussaud leaves her husband and goes with her collection on a tour of the British Isles
1835: With her sons she refers to her future exhibition rooms in “The Bazaar” at Baker Street in London
1850: Madame Tussaud dies
1884: Madame Tussauds’ grandchildren moved the exhibition to today’s rooms on Marylebone Road
And so Madame Tussaud began her career – with the making of masks of the dead during the French Revolution. The picture shows the masks of Hébert, Robespierre, Louis XVI and Marie Antionette.

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